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Small, Slim and Smart


Small, Slim and Smart

The compact body is made possible from new engineering techniques
including the use of a custom SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and
flat sheet keypad. The slim dimensions are also supplemented with
reduced power consumption, allowing for a thinner battery pack.

High-Resolution Color LCD

The high-resolution transreflective color LCD enhances the visibility
both in natural and indoor lighting. Functions and menu items
are clearly labelled with easy to understand icons and characters.
The night mode LCD setting is an alternative for use in night time
or low lighting conditions.

License Key Upgrade

The new IDAS radios can add new functions and protocols with
license key options. The radios can be upgraded and customized
to meet your specific needs.

NXDN™ Trunking Upgrade

The new IDAS radios are compatible with IDAS digital conventional
mode and analog FM mode with auto sensing function. The
radios can be upgraded to NXDN Type-C trunking or NXDN TypeD
multi-site trunking mode with a license key.

Transparent Data/ Text Message

The new IDAS radios can be used as a transparent data modem which
transmits various data at 9600 bps over the radio channel using 12.5
kHz channel spacing. Text messages can send up to 100 characters
text data message and scrolls the received message on the display.

ANC (Active Noise Canceling)

The ANC assists in providing clear comment. Some specified
noise sources (such as sirens or boiler noise) can be canceled.

Audio Equalizer

The Audio equalizer allows you to tailor the audio tone to suit
speech characteristics and the language in use. Five types of tone
controls – flat, high boost, middle boost, low boost and low cut
– are available. The audio auto gain control function controls the
speech audio to a constant, regardless of the input magnitudes of
the voice or distance of the microphone from the mouth.

Other features
  • DES/AES Encryption with OTAR
  • OTAP and OAA
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • Digital Voice Recording
  • Motion/Stationary Detection Sensors
  • GPS Receiver
  • USB Port for PC Connection
  • Voice Announcement
  • Vibration Alert
  • AquaQuake™ Draining Function